I prefer to remain silent (c)
You are nothing but a vulerable vulture
You are no even consistent in your sins
I am but a shadow of your indistinct ideals
I fall on my knees every time you want me to and it's OK!

You are forced to command, I am forced to obey
I am silent in my words, You are silent in your dreams
I am covering the ground, You are covering your wims
We are tied together in a gordian knot

Fire up the skies, forget my advice
Make up brand new lies, get yourself a disquise
Cut your dreams into a fitting size, make sure of my demise
Erase all the files
And make sure that you are able to forget

You are falling into the Abbyss and below
Ransaking your mind in a flawed search for a cure
I know there is now way to be permemently pure

Oh, what a way to go, what a way to know
What a way to render yourself alone
You can send your queries later, I'll be back at home
Jusy another old decision I cannot abstain from

All the void within my skull
All the knowledge that made me so dull
Oh, the burning pile of wreck
Mistakenly plased over my neck